Spongebob krusty concessionaires

It first appears in the pilot episode " Help Wanted. The reason the restaurant is so popular is because of the Krabby Patty, a burger with a very top secret recipewhich has almost always been the signature Krusty Krab dish. Other Krusty Krab grub includes typical fast food products such as french fries and sodas, as well as underwater foods such as coral bits and kelp rings.

All of these items make up the Galley Grubthe food menu of the Krusty Krab. Krabs' worst enemy and former best friend.

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These infrequent short periods of time are the only times when the Krusty Krab has any competition. Stephen Hillenburg 's original name for the Krusty Krab was the "Crusty Crab," but he decided the intentional misspellings of the "C"s for "K"s was funnier. The original owners may have found the trap lying at the bottom of the ocean, and fixed it up and turned it into a building.

In one version of the origin, the Krusty Krab was born when Mr. Krabs, who had been secluded in a deep depression after serving in the military that seemed endless, acquired a bankrupt retirement home called the " Rusty Krab. However, it is said that after retiring from piracy, Mr. Krabs sold his ship. He could have purchased the retirement home after this, and it could have been a coincidence that it was called the Rusty Krab and had the same shell design as Mr.

Krabs' ship. In " Friend or Foe ," which revealed the origin of Mr. Krabs and Plankton's rivalry, it is shown that Mr. Krabs first went into the fast food business in his childhood. The Krabby Patty secret formula was created when a shelf was broken during Krabs and Plankton's struggles, making various ingredients slide into the patty batter.

However, other episodes, most notably " Enemy In-Law ," state that the Krabby Patty and its formula is a family recipe, such as in " Dunces and Dragons ," which shows that the Krabby Patty was first served in medieval times by King Krabsan ancestor of Mr.

Krabs, who was introduced to it as a result of SpongeBob and Patrick's time traveling. As for salaries, Squidward and SpongeBob, the only two employees besides their boss Mr. Krabs, have varying salaries depending on the episode that are mostly for the joke. In some instances, they are paid an actual if not minimal paycheck, while some other instances show that they actually are to pay Mr.

Krabs this is most notable in the episode " Squid on Strike ," where Squidward is forced to pay for his services. Another episode shows they are paid only one nickel 5 cents a day, according to an episode in which Squidward mentions this fact and SpongeBob cannot stop laughing.

Krabs pays SpongeBob with Wacky bucksa fake currency which obviously has no value, only just for a gag. In yet another episode, SpongeBob states that he had to pay Mr. There is a large clam-shaped sign in front of the restaurant, similar to those used by real-life fast food restaurants, and five international maritime signal flags above the front door. There is a pole outside its right window as seen in the episode " My Pretty Seahorse.

It might have just been built to look like a lobster trap, but it is also possible that it was actually formed from an old sunken lobster trap.

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There is no parking lot, although boats always park outside on a road surrounding the restaurant. It is unknown how so many customers can fit inside the Krusty Krab, when there are no cars, but most customers walk to the restaurant, as seen in many episodes including it.It is owned by Eugene H.

The Krusty Krab usually has two employees: SpongeBobthe restaurant's fry cook, and Squidwardthe restaurant's cashier. Both employees have difficulties with working together: Squidward hates SpongeBob, and SpongeBob in turn exacerbates the situation by remaining completely naive toward Squidward's spiteful attitude.

The restaurant's menu consists of the usual fast-food products, with its specialty being Krabby Patties, similar to hamburgers in appearance. Plankton, the owner of the Krusty Krab's rival restaurant, The Chum Bucket is always trying to find out the mystery ingredients of the Krabby Patty. The temporary 5 Star Krusty Krab. The Krusty Krab is known for being established to sell the Krabby Patty burger. Krabs as mentioned in the episode, " Dunces and Dragons ".

The recipe was kept secret for over years. After the war, Eugene H. Krabs stayed secluded in a deep depression that seemed endless. He inherited his family's secret recipe for the Krabby Patty. Krabs was also a financial wizard, which made his business successful.

The building is known to have been converted from a retirement home known as the " Rusty Krab.

spongebob krusty concessionaires

SpongeBob is the first employee of the Krusty Krab to take a break since the Chum Famine of 59', mentioned in the episode Hooky. The Krusty Krab was almost run out of business from a minor competitor known as the Shell Shack, and once from SpongeBob's short-lived Pretty Patties stand.

It also faces continual problems from its main competitor, the Chum Bucket and its owner, Plankton. Today, the Krusty Krab uses the latest achievements in fast food technology. Modernization is the heart of the Krusty Krab. As mentioned in the episode, " Krusty Krab Training Video " Some examples of this technology are as follows:. In the episode SBthe entire Krusty Krab is spray painted in Chrome and it has a built-in time machine. The only things that is not Chrome is a door hinge from the freezer door and the inside of the time machine.

In the episode " Bossy Boots ", Mr. Krabs hires Pearl to help the Krusty Krab while she is on summer break. It is a Teen Hangout restaurant, which sold only tea and salad.

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The floor was made of carpet, and there were stuffed animals and other kuddly knickknacks as decorations. The business failed because Pearl wanted to be fired, as she felt that it cut too much into her social life.

SpongeBob took all the decorations home for one year's salary and the Krusty Krab went back to normal. In the episode " Squilliam Returns ", Mr. Krabs lets Squidward temporarily transform the Krusty Krab into a fancy 5-Star restaurant. It was created so that Squidward could impress his highly successful unibrowed rival, Squilliam Fancyson. This plan failed due to SpongeBob's loss of memory and subsequent temporary insanity, which caused him to tear up the restaurant. Krabs is ecstatic because he can sell minuscule portions for very expensive prices, including a putrid dish which can only lose its stench by shredding gold on top of it.

The French chef does this, much to Mr. Krabs disapproval. Squidward is also very happy because SpongeBob became an exchange chef and went to the Fancy! Eventually the Krusty Krab bistro goes out of business they barely had any customers and Mr. Krabs even had to sell Squidwardbut in the end SpongeBob brings all the Fancy!When Mr. Create your own Bikini Bottom kitchen, decorate and customize your restaurant, and get ready to serve up delicious food to your guests!

In this fast-food cooking game, put your time management skills to the test and experience the crazy cooking action of the SpongeBob universe. Fire up the grill and get ready to cook!

Keep your customers happy and be rewarded with tips, likes and exciting bonuses! New restaurants and cuisines are added regularly, bringing new cooking challenges and recipes to learn!

spongebob krusty concessionaires

Upgrade and Decorate Choose new furniture, decorations and more to add your personal touch to the restaurants of SpongeBob SquarePants. Upgrade your kitchen equipment to cook food quickly and provide faster service to your customers. Start out with a basic restaurant design and build your kitchen to one fit for an expert chef!

spongebob krusty concessionaires

Collect and Customize Unlock your favorite characters from SpongeBob SquarePants and dress them in amazing outfits inspired by the show! Create your own custom avatar for the game and interact with the costumed characters as they explore Bikini Bottom. Krabs, Squidward, Sandy and Patrick. Play through the hilarious storyline as you progress through the game and unlock new levels. Join in Limited-Time Events Earn amazing rewards and show off your food-making skills on leaderboards by completing awesome cooking challenges.

Take your game on the road with Food Truck events, hone your craft in Serve Streak Challenges and more! With new events and challenges added every week, there is always a reason to stop into Bikini Bottom and get cooking!

Version 1. Hey, Fry Cooks! Fire up your ovens and prepare your favorite toppings - Pizza Piehole is now open for business! Get ready, new events, restaurants, costumes and features are coming soon! In others like diner dash you buy upgrades in order to get further in the game and to a certain point you feel stuck because you cannot progress in the game. But this spongebob one is beyond my expectations. If your a spongebob can like me which I grew up watching then this game for sure will entertain you because it brings back memories of how the show because there is bikini bottoms goo lagoon and others as well but if you have the patience to keep furthering yourself in the game.

Hope this was helpful or useful for those who are curious to give it a go. I say hit that download button and start enjoying childhood memories!!! So before playing this game i was into a very similar one obviously not one with spongebob and i was really sad to let it go.

I have been at this game for a while since i got it not too long ago. I also love that you dont need wifi in order to play as well as get prizes. Im not really an apps person but this game is really cool.In this episode, Mr. One day at the Krusty KrabSquidward had noticed that SpongeBob was not filling orders, so he goes to investigate with Mr. Krabs discovers that SpongeBob has the "1,yard stare" before asking him what the problem is.

They then discover a mini-calendar in his hat that has the current date circled, and it said "Important food critic visits Krusty Krab. Krabs and SpongeBob are both in shock. Squidward states his point was proven and leaves.

Soon Gene Scallop the food critic walks through the doors. As he is having his first glimpse of the restaurant, Squidward rudely talked to him, and nearly drove him away with other rude comments. Krabs stops him and SpongeBob serves him a Krabby Patty. Gene then takes a bite and leaves the restaurant, causing Mr. Krabs to lose hope. SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs, and Squidward watch as Gene gave his review on the Krusty Krab, only to soil it.

He says that the Krusty Krab smells "like the rear end of a goat" and that "you could find livelier help in a graveyard. However, an excited Gene says that the Krusty Krab is a big success because of the Krabby Patty he had and SpongeBob was no square when it comes to cooking, ending with a good review.

The customers come back pleased and prepared to eat. With things okay, SpongeBob is relieved and goes to cook while Mr.

The Krusty Sponge

Krabs gets a money-making idea. He also sees a long line and Squidward in a SpongeBob costume as the restaurant's mascot. SpongeBob is oblivious to the costume and compliments him on his shoes but Squidward immediately scares him off with a hiss. Tyler the fish asks Squidward for his autograph, but Squidward says no because he has no use of his arms, and he accidentally slaps Tyler, disappointing Mr. Krabs, especially when he wouldn't pay for an autograph.

Krabs then assigns Squidward to cook while SpongeBob finds out that his new job is to run a train outside the Krusty Krab, which Mr. Krabs charged customers to ride. Krabs has Squidward cook and bathes in his money before Squidward tells him of a delivery man here to see him. It is shown he has continued to order more SpongeBob related items such as drinking straws, coasters bibs, ice cubes, and other things as Squidward questions if he is going too far.

Krabs insists Squidward while showing clear signs of delusion, and later has Squidward who has managed to cook serve the new Spongy Patties, which are actually tainted Krabby Patties that look like SpongeBob since they couldn't fit in the fridge with the ice cubes.

When SpongeBob is out of energy from driving the train, he stops pedaling, but his passengers do not care in the slightest at how obviously exhausted he is and believe that he is an impersonator of SpongeBob. They soon threaten to riot if not given a ride. Using this distraction, SpongeBob manages to slip away after putting his statue in his place. He enters the Krusty Krab and discovers Mr. Krabs had gotten all kinds of new products customized to look like SpongeBob.

SpongeBob gets Mr. Krabs to come out and when he sees the customers, he thinks he is invaded by zombies who want to eat his money and tries to protect his fortune. However, SpongeBob stops him and explains they are actually his customers who ate the Spongy Patties.

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A customer eats his sick friend's patty and is disgusted. He confronts Mr. Krabs over it and the latter meekly explains it's a Spongy patty before the customer gets sick as well.In this episode, after spilling a milkshake during a delivery, SpongeBob vows to return and clean the entire building. The episode starts with SpongeBob delivery a Krabby Patty meal to the boss at an office. However, he accidentally drops the meal and makes a mess. Despite the boss telling him it's fine, SpongeBob vows to clean the mess at night.

SpongeBob brings Patrick along to help, and the two start cleaning the office, unaware that a trash bot is also cleaning the office. After accidentally toppling all the cubicles, the two put them back up, but accidentally get themselves lost within it.

Eventually they meet the trash bot, who tries to put Patrick inside of it as he ate a candy wrapper. Eventually, SpongeBob gets a hold of the trash bot and locks him inside a broom closet so they can clean the office in peace. SpongeBob and Patrick finally reach the original chocolate milk stain the former made and try to clean it using their tongues.

However, the trash bot escapes the broom closet and starts getting other machines in the office to attack SpongeBob and Patrick. The machines start attacking the two and the walls of the office start falling apart.

However, when SpongeBob and Patrick realize the company makes tanks, they utilize one of their tanks to defeat all the machines. Eventually the trash bot surrenders, and the episode ends with SpongeBob and Patrick leaving the office in a wrecked state.

The episode was confirmed by Vincent Waller on February 28 You can drink it from here! I did all I could, but it wasn't enough.

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Krusty Krab

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