3utools unc0ver install

So it is a all in one tool for any iPhone, iPad or iPod devices. It is a best alternative for iTunes like vShare and TutuApp. In 3uTools online store, there are tons of various applications available to download for your device. So you need not to pay for them at all.

Now the latest version of 3utools is version 2. Actually you no need to Jailbreak your i-device to use this tool. But, you can jailbreak your i-device using this tool very easily if you are willing to do it [All i-device with iOS version 5. Also 3utools is a strongest flash tool that you can choose different firm wares to flash your i-device.

Using the tool you can manage apps, photos, music, ringtones, videos and other multimedia files quite easily. Thousands of Apps,Ringtones,Wallpapers are being stored in its stock for you and you can download and install them as your choice. User friendly interface guide you well for using its features.

All that the things are auto detected and you may only need to bind your Apple ID and Password to it for fine performance. So the first thing you have to do is to download the tool to your PC. How to use 3utools? No licence required as well as you will not experience with revoke issue as most of third party app installers on the i-device. Frequent updates confirm its well being which are totally free. In tutorial section solve your run time problems and it gives you many information about application itself.

Also you can join 3u forum to build conversation with users with preferred topic there. Use contact option to send them message directly to present your feelings. TutuApp Free Download. Skip to content Skip to main menu Menu. Table of Contents. You can find any music genres here include Funk, Gosple.

Download MovieBox Pro from Panda helper. Download moviebox pro to your iPhone,iPad free with your favorite app installer Panda Helper. Movie box pro permits you to. Customize 3utools Customize 3utools itself from your favorite color or picture. How to delete Invalid Icons? How to remove corrupted icons from your iphone,ipad,ipod using delete invalid icons tool comes with 3utools.Download 3uTools for Windows, the all-in-one solution to manage, jailbreak, backup, flash iOS system, disable updates, and install IPA.

It offers amazing features like data backups, ringtone maker, video converter, jailbreak tools, and more. Download 3uTools for Windows and enable the full potential of your device. The tool works on a 64 and bit system and was tested to operate from Windows XP and up to Windows 10 operating systems.

Fully view iOS device's different statuses, including serial number, battery life, charge times, product date, model number, used space by system and applications, and other advanced information about iDevices. Use one-click jailbreak tools to make the jailbreak process so simple and reliable. More advanced features packed with 3uTools include SHSH backup, baseband upgrade or downgrade, clean useless files from the device to save space, activate Virtual Location with support to open street map, record iPhone screen on your computer, delete invalid icons, etc.

You can also exit Recovery mode. Backup or transfer data from Android to iDevice was never easier. Auto match available firmware for iOS devices. Flash firmware in normal mode, DFU mode, and recovery mode is supported. What's more, jailbreak your device with popular tools. You have full control over the backup. Customize backups, manage and view all copies, restore all or user-defined data.

Everything from one app. Realtime Log can record all the operations and behaviors on the iPad.

3utools unc0ver install

Every 3uTools update brings new tools. Install 3u app directly on your iDevice to download apps and games for free without connecting the iDevice to your computer. If you are waiting for a new jailbreak to release it is always recommended to not update the firmware.

The biggest potential of the all-in-one tool is hidden in the Toolbox. All the amazing features are available from there.

So why wait, download 3uTools today. You can easily back up iDevice to PC, and restore all data to iDevice. With one click you can create a full system backup file, ready to restore when needed. There is also an option to manage and view all backups and set the backup password.

Copy iPhone contacts, photos, notes, ringtones, music, apps, etc. This feature can be used for testing or more practical teleporting to find a pokemon like in iSpoofer app. This is all free and really easy to use. The GPS position can be also restored. How many times did you try to enter the Recovery Mode on your iPhone? Using 3uTools is really easy to enter and also exit Recovery Mody on any device. There is no need to memorize what kind of buttons to click to make it work. Using 3uTools software is absolutely safe.

The tool was tested with the major antivirus software and it doesn't do anything that could end with damaging your device.Installing apps from weblinks is almost impossible because Apple is revoking all certificates on a daily basis. Cydia Impactor the tool to sign IPA files is also broken after Apple did make some changes on their servers making the tool useless.

3utools unc0ver install

Windows users can sideload IPA files using 3uTools software. Use this tool to manage apps, photos, music, videos, books, files, documents, and all file iOS system directly from your computer. The flash and jailbreak tool displays also advanced information about iDevices including serial number, battery life, charge times, product date, model number, used space by system and applications, etc.

Auto-match the available firmware for Apple Devices. One-click jailbreak makes the jailbreak process so simple and easy. Now you can also use 3uTools as a great Cydia Impactor alternative software for Windows. Step 1. Download 3uTools latest version.

Step 2. Install Apple devices drivers or iTunes for Windows.

Unc0ver jailbreak 11.4-12.4

Step 7. After installing 3uTools software all IPA files will be associated with the app. A new window will appear with an option to sideload the app. If you decide to jailbreak your device with a tool like unc0ver or checkra1n it is possible to disable revokes for all apps installed from 3uTools, and even 3rd party AppStores like AppValley, PandaHelper, and others. Please be informed that some apps don't work on a jailbroken system like iSpoofer.

3utools unc0ver install

All apps installed on Anti-Revoke 2 hack will work until you restart your device. The jailbreak state will be lost, so it's required to re-jailbreak your device. This solution was tested on iOS 12 and iOS Search News Software Contact. You might also like. Related Articles. Houdini Jailbreak - no computer for iOS 10 - If you don't own a computer you can install unc0ver app with web links.

This method uses an enterprise certificate that is regularly revoked by Apple. It means that the jailbreak tool will stop opening. We provide for you a few direct download links for unc0ver 5. If the links are not working, try again in the next 24h. Download unc0ver 5. Download unc0ver 3.

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Download unc0ver via CoreJB. Download unc0ver via TopStore. All supported iDevice can be easily jailbroken with unc0ver.

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Download unc0ver IPA. Every 7 days after installing unc0ver, you need to resign the app and send it to the AltServer running on PC or Macwhich installs the resigned jailbreak tool back to your device using iTunes WiFi sync works also using a USB cable. Step 1. To prevent unc0ver from expiring, AltStore can refresh the app in the background when using the same WiFi network. After jailbreak, you can also install ReProvision app, an alternative to the computer version of Cydia Impactor, which allows you to sideload the newest updates of unc0ver IPA without using a computer.

The app works now really stable and offers a lot of useful features including the option to install Cydia, disable app revokes, and turn off auto-updates. This update was verified to work on iOS The unc0ver update significantly improves the stability and the performance of the entire system, stable and performant, and adds support for switching from other iOS 12 jailbreaks.

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From version 3. Moreover, all Settings in the app are available with proper description informing users what selected option actually does, and version of system and architecture that is compatible. And since version 5. Substrate makes it easy to modify software, even without the source code.

From Cydia package manager you can install tweaks, hacks, libraries, and apps from so-called repositories. After each restart of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod device you will need to re-jailbreak iOS using unc0ver jailbreak. If you are not happy with the jailbreak of your device you can uninstall unc0ver from iOS 11 or iOS Remove unc0ver jailbreak by manually deleting all tweaks installed on your Apple device.

Step 2. Navigate to the Installed tab and delete all tweaks installed on your iPhone. It should take no more than minutes to restore the root filesystem on your device.Direct Download Link 1. Direct Download Link 2. Direct Download Link 3. Direct Download Link 4.

Direct Download Link 5. Direct Download Link 6. Be aware that it is a semi-untethered jailbreak tool, hence if you restart your device, you will have to re-jailbreak it. The installation process also requires you to use your Apple ID. This requires no computer and could be done right on your iOS device.

Undecimus 5. Download the latest version of Unc0ver jailbreak IPA from the download button below. Download 3UTools. Checkra1n is a Mac Only app for jailbreaking iOS 13 devices. You can download Checkra1n from the linked page below. Checkra1n Jailbreak. Chimera directly installs Sileo AppStore when you jailbreak your device. If you ever need to delete the Unc0ver jailbreak app from your device, then it is very easy to do.

Check out the link below for details:. Are you going to give Unc0ver jailbreak a go? Let us know what you think and follow us on Facebook for more jailbreak news and updates. Unc0ver Jailbreak is a semi-untethered jailbreak for iOS devices that allows you to install unofficial tweaks and apps that are not allowed by Apple.

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Jailbreaking with Unc0ver is safe. It has been a reliable jailbreak for many years and is backed up with the expertise of over a dozen iOS developers who have fine-tuned it for optimal performance. Uncover is a semi-untethered jailbreakwhenever you reboot your device. Uncover jailbreak will need to be reactivated. To do that, just tap the Unc0ver icon and let the jailbreak reactivate. If you used a regular free Apple ID to sideload Uncover onto your device, the jailbreak expires after one week.

You will need to reinstall it using Cydia Impactor. No, jailbreaking is not permanent. If you update your device, the jailbreak is removed from your device. Yes, the best reason to jailbreak your device is to get thousands of apps and tweaks, which are unavailable in the Apple appstore. Yes, according to the Terms of Service of Applejailbreaking a device voids the device warranty. However, the good part is, a jailbreak is not permanent.

You can reset your device, and the previous jailbreak will be undetectable. Then you can carry your device to the Apple store for repairs. Merci pour votre patience. I have iOS Cydia impactor method may seem complicated for newbies.

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App got revoked and i could not instal it after it.View Previous Versions. Pwn20wnd's substitute bootstrap tooling is used on A8-A11 devices running iOS There is no particular reason to switch to the unc0ver jailbreak if you are already running the checkra1n jailbreak Other than the convenience of being able to re-jailbreak your device without a computer.

Your jailbreak apps and tweaks will be preserved when switching from the checkra1n jailbreak for A8-A You can switch back to the checkra1n jailbreak while preserving your jailbreak apps and tweaks but you will need to manually install Cydia Substrate from Cydia after switching back. The connected Apple Watch may re-sync after jailbreak. It will take around a minute or two and it won't touch your data. Allowing you to change what you want and operate within your purview, unc0ver unlocks the true power of your iDevice.

Below you can find official download links for the beta IPSW. This is the latest signed iOS version compatible with unc0ver. Running beta iOS software is not recommended if not necessary. Utilizing native system sandbox exceptions, security remains intact while enabling access to jailbreak files.

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Unc0ver has been extensively tested to ensure it's a seamless experience on all devices. Unc0ver works on all devices on iOS versions between Below you can find a list of all devices that have been specifically tested.

View Tested Devices. Built-in runtime policy softener allows running code without Apple's notarization and pervasive restrictions. Proper runtime modifications to iOS kernel modify security features as necessary and result in:.

If you're experiencing issues with stability or battery life, we recommend searching your device for faulty tweaks.

The ability to apply future updates is retained. Modifications to iOS kernel are done in memory. This results in the jailbroken iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch staying operable when a future Apple-supplied iOS update is installed. Extreme durability, magnet utility, naked feel - The most over engineered iPhone Case.Download the newest version of unc0ver jailbreak tool based on Brandon Azad exploit for A13 - A12 devices.

Cydia Impactor works only with a paid certificate. Substitution makes it easy to modify software, even without the source code. From Cydia package manager you can install tweakshacks, libraries, and apps from so-called repositories.


After each restart of your iPhone device, you need to re-jailbreak iOS using unc0ver jailbreak. RootFS option allows you to remove the jailbreak.

The new official way to install the unc0ver 4.

How to install Jailbreak IPA with 3uTools

Linux users can try weblinks. There is also an option to download unc0ver jailbreak without a computer. If you don't own a computer you can use those links to download unc0ver app directly on your device. Step 1. Click Install unc0ver from your browser. Step 2. Find more information on how to jailbreak iPhone based on the device and installed iOS version.

Download Cydia Impactor broken with free certificateand unzip the file. Download unc0ver. IPA 36 MB.

How to Jailbreak iOS 11.4 - iOS 12.4 on 3uTools

Step 3. Step 6. Enter your AppleID and app-specific password to sign apps not provided by Apple.

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